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5 Points, a Quebec-based cannabis company, stands out in the industry for its commitment to innovation, agricultural expertise, and a focus on delivering a superior product. Established with the goal of promoting the development of new genetics, 5 Points places a strong emphasis on transparency and a hands-on approach to production.

At the core of 5 Points’ philosophy is a dedication to innovation and the continuous development of new genetics. The company proudly maintains over thirty mother plants in constant development, a testament to its ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of what cannabis can offer. This focus on genetics sets 5 Points apart, allowing them to deliver a diverse range of strains with distinct characteristics.

Terpenes and Aromatic Complexity

Understanding that terpenes play a crucial role in defining the aromatic profile of cannabis, 5 Points places great importance on these compounds. Terpenes contribute to the full complexity of the cannabis experience, and 5 Points ensures that their products reflect this understanding. By highlighting variations in THC levels and the unique contribution of terpenes, 5 Points seeks to provide consumers with a more nuanced and enjoyable cannabis experience.

The company’s commitment to innovation is not just theoretical; it has translated into tangible products launched in the market. Through rigorous research and development, 5 Points has introduced a range of products that embody their dedication to quality. Consumers can find these products at their favorite stores, a testament to 5 Points’ successful integration of agricultural expertise and consumer accessibility.

Manual Processing for Quality

One distinctive aspect of 5 Points’ production is the pride they take in manual processing at most stages. This hands-on approach reflects a genuine care for the plant and a commitment to maintaining quality. In an industry where automation is becoming more prevalent, 5 Points stands firm in its belief that manual processing is crucial to achieving outstanding quality.

Under the leadership of President Mélanie Fontaine, 5 Points has carved a path that combines experience in agriculture with a vision for the future of cannabis. Fontaine’s dedication to making agricultural expertise available to cannabis enthusiasts is reflected in the company’s ethos and practices.

In short, 5 Points distinguishes itself by blending innovation, agricultural experience, and a hands-on approach to deliver cannabis products that prioritize quality, transparency, and consumer satisfaction.

  • Innovative Cannabis Genetics
  • Scent-sational Terpene Profiles
  • Handcrafted Quality, Not Quantity
  • Limited Availability in Stores
  • Focused on Quebec Market
  • Premium Price Point