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Abba Medix stands out as a shining example of what it means to be dedicated to patient care and quality. This medical cannabis platform, built by military veterans with a profound understanding of patient needs, is a testament to their commitment to both the craft of cannabis and the compassion it can bring to patients.

They are not just another cannabis producer. It’s a platform with a clear purpose – to serve the community with a relentless focus on providing high-quality dried flower offerings. Their commitment to craft-quality products is the cornerstone of their approach, and it shines through in their offerings.

But Abba Medix goes beyond being a cannabis producer; they are staunch advocates for the medical efficacy of cannabis. They firmly believe that all patients, regardless of their condition, deserve care and compassion. This philosophy underpins their mission, making them champions of patient-centric care.

What sets Abba Medix apart is their extensive experience in serving the veteran community. This experience has given them a unique perspective on complex conditions, which they extend to a broad network of patients with various wellness goals. Their mission is to create a comprehensive medical marketplace that offers a wide range of products and consumption methods to cater to the diverse needs of their patients.

Abba Medix’s commitment to helping goes beyond the production of cannabis. They are deeply involved in supporting veterans and military members through government programs and collaborate with the Post-Traumatic Growth Association (PTGA) to provide peer-oriented social supports and events. Their compassion extends to their pricing as well, with compassionate pricing for qualifying patients, discounts for first responders and seniors, and direct billing to insurance companies to ease the financial burden of accessing medical cannabis.

Abba Medix’s dedication to quality and patient care also reflects in their brands, including the popular MTL Cannabis. Their commitment to offering patients a wide range of choices and an unwavering focus on high-quality products is commendable.

  • Commitment to craft-quality products
  • Support for veterans and military members
  • Compassionate pricing and discounts
  • Limited availability information (outside Canada)
  • May not be accessible to all patients worldwide.