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Enter Cannabis Now – the premium junction where enlightenment meets entertainment in the world of Mary Jane. If cannabis had a glitzy Hollywood walk of fame, Cannabis Now would probably be its red carpet reporter, dishing out the latest, the greatest, and the downright fascinating from the global cannabis scene.

Cannabis Now isn’t just another pot publication; it’s a bi-monthly beacon of clarity in a world often clouded by misinformation. Want the latest on CBD regulations? Check. Curious about the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation? Dive in. Wondering about the latest celebrity diving into the cannabis industry? They’ve got that too. Cannabis Now serves its readers a well-curated blend of news, business insights, health information, and culture scoops.

The visuals? Oh, they’re a treat! Picture this: glossy pages (or pixels, if you’re more of a digital dweller) showcasing the vivid greens and amber trichomes of premium cannabis strains. It’s like National Geographic, but for weed lovers. And if you’re a connoisseur, their strain spotlights are a mouth-watering journey of discovery.

The magazine transcends the usual stoner stereotypes and aims for inclusivity. It’s a read for the medical patient, the recreational user, the canna-curious, and even skeptics. There’s a genuine effort to inform and educate, making it more than just a casual read. Think of it as the New Yorker for the new-age cannabis enthusiast.

But, as with everything, it isn’t all sunshine and terpenes. While Cannabis Now does an admirable job of covering a wide spectrum, sometimes the sheer breadth can mean depth takes a backseat. An article might leave you wanting a deeper dive, only to lead you to another tantalizing headline.

Overall, if you’re looking to elevate your understanding of cannabis beyond the usual puff and pass, Cannabis Now is your go-to. Whether you’re in for the business side of things, the health aspects, or just want to keep a finger on the pulse of the cannabis world, it’s a must-read. Go ahead, roll one up (a magazine or… you know) and enjoy the blend of entertainment and enlightenment!


  1. Wide coverage spectrum.
  2. Stunning visuals.
  3. Inclusive content.
  4. Credible and professional.
  5. Digital and print versions.


  1. Depth sometimes lacking.
  2. Subscription costs.
  3. Bi-monthly frequency.
  4. Niche market focused.
  5. Ad-heavy at times.
  • Wide coverage spectrum
  • Credible and professional
  • Ad-heavy at times
  • Depth sometimes lacking