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When it comes to innovating in the culinary space, very few chefs rise to the occasion quite like Coreen Carroll. She’s a trailblazer, blending two seemingly disparate worlds: the delicate, sophisticated realm of gourmet cuisine and the bold, aromatic universe of cannabis. This isn’t just a fusion; it’s a revolution on a plate.

Now, you might wonder, how did Coreen embark on such a unique path? The answer lies in her deep-rooted passion for both food and cannabis. While her formal training at the prestigious San Francisco Cooking School armed her with culinary techniques, her own personal exploration of cannabis and its myriad flavors added an extra layer of creativity to her skill set. She realized that cannabis wasn’t just an addition but could be a star ingredient, deserving of center stage.

Beyond her own creations, the Cannaisseur Series stands as a testament to her vision. But it’s not just about infusing meals with cannabis. It’s a holistic experience. Think of an evening where every course, from appetizer to dessert, not only tantalizes the taste buds but also harmoniously interacts with your senses, thanks to the thoughtful addition of cannabis. Each event is a meticulously crafted journey, ensuring guests not only enjoy their meal but also understand the essence of what they’re consuming.

Yet, what truly defines Coreen isn’t just her food. It’s her ethos. In an industry that’s often shrouded in misconceptions, she serves as an educator. Through her various workshops, she demystifies cannabis cuisine, shedding light on its intricacies, potential, and the future she envisions. For her, it’s not just about the present plate but about paving the way for future cannabis chefs, ensuring they have a landscape that’s both accepting and encouraging.

The community she’s building is notable too. Through her events, dinners, and series, she’s fostering a space where cannabis enthusiasts and gourmet lovers converge, discuss, and most importantly, learn. In Coreen’s world, every guest leaves a little more informed, a touch more enlightened, and with a belly full of fantastic food.

But like all pioneers, Coreen faces challenges. The world of cannabis is ever-evolving, with regulations, perceptions, and market dynamics constantly shifting. Yet, she navigates these with grace and resilience, ensuring her mission – to elevate cannabis cuisine – remains undeterred.

To sum it up, Chef Coreen Carroll isn’t just a name; she’s an experience. A delightful, enlightening, and utterly delicious experience. So, the next time you’re yearning for a culinary adventure that promises both flavors and knowledge, you know where to turn. Just make sure to book in advance because, trust us, you won’t be the only one wanting a seat at her table!


  1. Innovative cannabis cuisine.
  2. Esteemed culinary background.
  3. Co-founder of Cannaisseur Series.
  4. Vocal cannabis culinary advocate.
  5. Unique dining experiences.


  1. Events sell out quickly.
  2. Premium pricing.
  3. Geographically limited events.
  4. Niche culinary focus.
  5. Waiting list for workshops.
  • Innovative cannabis cuisine
  • Co-founder of Cannaisseur Series
  • Vocal cannabis culinary advocate
  • Events sell out quickly
  • Geographically limited events
  • Premium level pricing