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Among the sprawling landscape of the Canadian cannabis industry stands a titan: High North Laboratories. With a vast 16,000 square foot facility oozing with GMP compliance and ISO standards, it has anchored its place as the beacon of cannabis testing in the Great White North.

The roots of High North extend back to the 90s, painting a vivid picture of evolution, adaptation, and commitment. Founded by a passionate duo who embarked on their cannabis journey even before the dawn of the new millennium, the legacy of this laboratory intertwines deep-rooted experience with a forward-looking vision.

Redefining Turnaround Time with Digital Precision

In a world where time is of the essence, High North is miles ahead, thanks to its avant-garde digital infrastructure. The promise? Swift, reliable results with unmatched accuracy—a testament to the lab’s commitment to staying ahead in the digital age.

Being voted as Canada’s #1 Lab Testing Facility for two consecutive years (2021 & 2022) isn’t just a feather in High North’s cap; it’s a ringing endorsement from the industry itself. But beyond the accolades lies a deeply ingrained value system. From partnering with like-minded individuals to ensuring consistency in every test, the lab’s values mirror its dedication to the craft.

Services: The A to Z of Cannabis Testing

With an exhaustive range of services that span from Cannabinoids to Viruses, High North is nothing short of a one-stop solution for every cannabis testing need. Whether it’s analyzing residual solvents or exploring the mysterious world of terpenes, High North’s precision instruments, coupled with its experienced professionals, ensure every result is nothing short of perfect.

High North is not just about providing results; it’s about educating its clients. From explaining the natural variability in cannabis batches to the methods employed for moisture testing, they ensure every customer is well-informed, making the journey from sample submission to result interpretation smooth and enlightening.

Wrapping It Up

High North Laboratories isn’t just a lab; it’s an institution. As the cannabis industry evolves, there’s an ever-growing need for transparency, reliability, and precision. High North embodies these ideals, offering services that are not only top-notch but also steeped in decades of experience and commitment. For those on the quest for the pinnacle of cannabis testing in Canada, High North isn’t just an option—it’s the gold standard. Dive into a world where science meets nature, all under one roof.

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Swift, accurate results
  • Two decades of cannabis expertise
  • Competitive pricing in the GMP domain
  • Vast array of testing services
  • Potential wait times during peak periods
  • Limited to just Canada