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SESS Holdings was founded in 2018 around the same time weed was legalized for recreational use in Canada. Their mission was to cultivate top-tier craft cannabis, setting their sights on becoming one of the best Licensed Producer in the country.

The company’s commitment to curating a holistic experience to complement its products is evident through its diverse brands, namely CALI, 1Spliff, and Seleste. Their goal is to redefine the cannabis experience by offering genuine, premium-quality cannabis strains curated under its distinct brands.

The Growing Process Unveiled

  1. Mothering / Cloning / Propagation Stage: SESS Holdings takes pride in meticulously nurturing cannabis from its earliest stages. The mothering or cloning phase involves using clippings from the mother plant to produce multiple clones. These clones undergo a careful monitoring process before being transplanted to the vegetative stage.
  2. Flowering Stage: A critical phase in the growth process, SESS Holdings employs a photoperiod switch technique to ensure optimal growth during the flowering stage. Rigorous attention is given to factors like lighting, temperature, humidity, water, ventilation, nutrients, and defoliation.
  3. Harvest Stage: The culmination of the growth cycle, the harvest stage is marked by specific indicators such as reddish-orange pistils, amber-colored trichome heads, and resin-laden flower clusters. Harvest timing is tailored to each strain’s unique characteristics.
  4. Drying Stage: Post-harvest, plants undergo a meticulous drying process, hanging upside down in a controlled environment for 5-7 days. SESS Holdings ensures the plants are dried to the ideal moisture content, a crucial step in maintaining product quality.
  5. Curing Stage: Dried buds embark on a 28-day curing journey, unlocking potency and flavors. This stage marks the inception of developing superior buds with enhanced taste and potency.
  6. Packaging Stage: SESS Holdings places paramount importance on the packaging process, adhering to Cannabis Regulations. With a dedicated Quality Control team, the company ensures each product is packaged accurately, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Driving Partnerships Through Good Values

Their team recognizes the challenges faced by micro-cultivations in the market. In a bid to support and uplift these cultivators, the company actively seeks partnerships with micro-cultivations that share its commitment to high standards in cultivation and processing. Leveraging its expertise, SESS Holdings collaborates strategically to bring top-quality craft cannabis to the Canadian market.

SESS Holdings extends its expertise further by offering white labelling services. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to fostering collaborative partnerships and expanding the reach of quality cannabis products.

Wrapping Things Up

SESS Holdings stands as a beacon of excellence in the Canadian cannabis landscape, weaving together a narrative of craft care, precision, and dedication to quality. With its diverse brands and a hands-on approach to cultivation, the company is poised to leave an indelible mark on the cannabis industry, offering enthusiasts an unparalleled cannabis experience.

  • Craft Care Emphasis
  • Strategic Partnerships with Micro-Cultivations
  • White Labelling Services
  • Limited Market Availability
  • Not available outside of Canada