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With a modest and straightforward approach, Carty’s photography is a blend of understated modernism and unapologetic honesty. His work resonates with the pulse of the moment, creating images that are not just visually captivating but also deeply iconic.

Carty’s artistic signature lies in his ability to connect swiftly with his subjects. His process is rooted in establishing a relationship, finding common ground and comfort within moments. It’s a human approach that goes beyond the technicalities of photography, producing images that are not just visually striking but also emotionally resonant. At its core, Carty’s photography is a celebration of authenticity, capturing raw moments of beauty and profound truths.

His portfolio boasts an impressive array of projects and campaigns that showcase the breadth of his talent. Highlights include campaigns for the Great Canadian Baking Show on Netflix, the Block for CBC, and Strombo for Apple Music. His work has graced the pages of renowned magazines like Wired (Germany), Barron’s, NUVO, Adformatie (Amsterdam), ELLE Canada, and more. This diversity of projects underscores Carty’s versatility and his ability to adapt his lens to various subjects and contexts.

Carty’s lens has framed moments for an extensive list of clients, demonstrating the widespread appeal of his work. From global giants like Apple, Starbucks, HP, Nike, and DHL Express to Canadian entities such as CBC, Canada Goose, and Air Canada, his client roster is a testament to the universal language spoken through his photographs. Each client collaboration is a unique canvas for Carty to weave his visual magic.

While Carty is based in Toronto, his work knows no borders. Operating all over North America with frequent forays into the UK, Europe, and Central America, his photography is a global journey. This international exposure adds layers of cultural richness to his work, contributing to the diverse tapestry of stories he captures through his lens.

Carty’s influence extends beyond the confines of a photograph. In 2009, he released his first book, “Positives,” a collection that undoubtedly added a new chapter to the visual storytelling narrative. His work has also been featured in “Carte Blanche,” the first book of Canadian Contemporary Photographers, a testament to his recognition in the photography community.

In the hands of Steve Carty, a photograph is more than an image; it’s a narrative waiting to be unfolded. Through his lens, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and moments become timeless stories. As a photographer who has mastered the art of capturing the essence of the present, Steve Carty continues to etch his name in the visual chronicles of our time.

  • Global Recognition and Presence
  • Campaigns for Netflix, CBC, Apple
  • Instant rapport for authentic shots
  • Limited Published Portfolio
  • Price and availability

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