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Chef Travis Petersen, the maestro behind The Nomad Cook, orchestrates a symphony of flavors, breaking stereotypes and creating a unique dining experience. Hailing from Vancouver, Chef Travis seamlessly blends his Pacific Northwest roots with a decade-long journey in the Oil & Gas industry, leading to the creation of a culinary venture that stands as a trailblazer in the world of infused dining.

A Culinary Journey through Cannabis Culture

Chef Travis’s journey into the world of cannabis-infused dining began with a brief appearance on Masterchef Canada in 2016. Post-competition, The Nomad Cook emerged, setting the stage for over 2½ years of culinary exploration across western Canada. The turning point was the 420 weekend of April 2018 when The Infused Dining Series was born, hosting 164 guests over four days, marking the inception of a culinary revolution.

Beyond merely crafting exquisite dishes, Chef Travis embarked on a mission to destigmatize culinary cannabis. His travels took The Nomad Cook across Canada, introducing thousands to the nuances of cannabis-infused menus. In 2020, the journey reached a new milestone with the launch of the first recognized Culinary Cannabis Certificate for Safety & Responsibility in Canada, shaping the future of cannabis cuisine.

The Nomad Cook Experience

The Nomad Cook offers a spectrum of services, from private dinner parties to pop-up events, corporate functions, seminars, and kitchen consultations. Specializing in cannabis-infused menus, terpene profile development, and precise dosing with THC & CBD, The Nomad Cook transforms dining into an immersive journey. Their expertise extends to seafood, elevating the dining experience with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Private dinners by The Nomad Cook bring back the intimate charm of dinner parties. Chef Travis crafts a bespoke 4-course menu, interacting directly with guests as he creates culinary masterpieces. The experience includes canapes or a charcuterie board starter, a custom 4-course menu, a dedicated server/bartender, and all necessary tableware.

For those eager to explore the world of cannabis-infused recipes, Chef Travis offers recipe creation services. By utilizing the Cedeño Method of passive decarboxylation, he captures the essence of cannabis flowers, creating extracts used to craft unique recipes. The Nomad Cook’s recipe packages include chef notes, step-by-step instructions with photos, a demo video, and a recipe featuring the terpene profile of the chosen cannabis strain.

Testimonials and Acclaim

The Nomad Cook has garnered acclaim from delighted patrons. Veronica Salomon praises Chef Travis’s knowledge and recommends him highly. Andy Sahota expresses his satisfaction with the Infused Dining Series, commending the heart and soul Chef Travis invests in his dishes. Kimberley Kovach Taylor describes the Nomad Cook experience as intimate, interactive, and intensely satisfying, labeling it as one of the best meals she has ever tasted.

Chef Travis Petersen’s innovative approach has not only delighted taste buds but also contributed to reshaping the culinary landscape surrounding cannabis. The Nomad Cook is not merely a catering service; it’s a culinary movement, breaking barriers, and influencing the next generation of chefs to explore the vast potential of cannabis as an ingredient, bringing it from the underground into the mainstream.

  • Innovative Culinary Experience
  • Culinary Cannabis Certification
  • Versatile Services Offered
  • Legal Restrictions
  • Limited Geographic Reach
  • Dependency on Host's Cannabis Supply